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At Soul Shutters, we work with all residential and commercial clients offering made-to-measure shutters to suit all requirements. Get in touch for your free quote.
Shutters Chislehurst
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Custom-Made Shutters

Welcome to Soul Shutters! We are a family run business who design, create and install shutters for all homes and businesses in Chislehurst and the surrounding areas. We have an esteemed reputation throughout the local area for providing outstanding service and stunning finished products.

We work with all clients from start to finish, getting to know their vision on a personal level. We will ensure your new shutters exceed your expectations. We offer an on-going aftercare service to all of our clients.

Our experienced team have over a decade of experience behind them. There aren't many problems that we haven't encountered! We can create shutters to suit any size or shaped windows - even those which have restricted access!

Upgrade your windows

Adding shutters are a fantastic alternative to blinds and curtains. They offer a wide range of benefits including additional insulation, light control, noise reduction, privacy and may even save you money on your energy bills! They will also transform the look of your property and will increase the value of your property.

Choose from our variety of styles. We are always trying to provide the very latest design options, keeping us ahead of the game in terms of innovative options.

Our Shutter Designs

We are an independent team who offer very competitive prices. We are here to help you choose the right style, material and colour would suit your property best. We will select only the best shutter to suit your requirements and budget. Here are some of our available styles:

  • Full Height - A stunning, classic design which covers the whole window.
  • Tier on Tier - A versatile design where you can separate the top shutters to the bottom ones. This allows plenty of light to enter the room via the top shutters, but extra privacy if you choose to keep the bottom shutters closed. These are ideal for sash windows.
  • Café Style - A beautiful design which is mostly used in living rooms, restaurants, town houses and Victorian properties.
  • Tracked - These glide effortlessly along a tracking system and can be opened and folded smoothly. These make perfect wardrobe doors, room dividers, and suit wide windows.
  • Shaped - We can custom design shutters which are made for your unique window. These are ideal for distinctive windows where usual curtains or blinds may hide the character of the window. Shutters will only enhance the window's beauty!
  • Black Out - These offer significant light control as there are blackout blinds attached to the shutter. Perfect for bedrooms.
  • Solid Panel - Solid panel shutters make a classic look for period properties, bay windows and bedrooms. This provides increased insulation, security and light control.
Wooden Shutters
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About Soul Shutters

We can install shutters to any size or shape window. Whilst you are waiting for your new shutters, our team will install temporary blinds free of charge. All of our shutters come with an extendable, telescopic, microfiber feather duster which helps your shutters to look as good as new.

The majority of our shutters come with a 6-year warranty. The faux wood range comes with a 10-year warranty. The MDF range come with a 3-year warranty.

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