Central Tilt Rod System

Classic, traditional yet modern looking tilt system

The central tilt rod system for shutters is a traditional method of controlling the position of the louvers.

The central tilt rod is a vertical rod that runs down the centre of the shutter panel and is connected to each louver with small staples or pins. By manipulating the central tilt rod, the louvers can be adjusted to control the amount of light and privacy in the room.

One advantage of the central tilt rod system is that it provides a sturdy and durable control mechanism for the louvers. Because the tilt rod is connected to each louver, the louvers are held securely in place and less likely to shift or move out of position. Another advantage is that this system is typically less expensive than some of the newer and more advanced control mechanisms.

One potential disadvantage of the central tilt rod system is that the rod can be visible from the front of the shutter panel, which may not be desirable for some homeowners who prefer a cleaner or more modern look. Additionally, because the rod is in the centre of the shutter panel, it may obstruct the view through the window slightly when the louvers are open.

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