Central Tilt Rod System

Classic, traditional yet modern looking tilt system

The central tilt rod system, a traditional method for controlling shutter louvers, remains a sturdy and reliable option for many homeowners. A vertical rod, the central tilt rod runs down the centre of the shutter panel, connected to each louver via staples or pins. This mechanism allows users to adjust the louvers to regulate light and privacy levels within the room effectively.

One significant advantage of the central tilt rod system is its robustness and durability. With the tilt rod securely connected to each louver, there's minimal risk of the louvers shifting or becoming misaligned over time. Moreover, this system often proves more budget-friendly compared to newer, more advanced control mechanisms.

However, it's important to note potential drawbacks. The central tilt rod, being visible from the front of the shutter panel, may not suit homeowners seeking a cleaner or more contemporary aesthetic. Furthermore, its central placement could slightly obstruct the view through the window when the louvers are open, which may be less than ideal for some users.

In summary, while the central tilt rod system offers reliable functionality and cost-effectiveness, homeowners should consider their aesthetic preferences and view obstruction concerns when selecting their shutter control mechanism.

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