Shaped Shutters

Custom made to enhance the unique architecture of your special shaped windows. Show-off the character of your windows with bespoke shaped shutters.

Shaped shutters are made-to-order to complement the architecture of your unusual, shaped windows, whether they are ovals, circles or arched apertures.

An investment that will pay off in the long run, our shaped shutters provide flair and personality to your windows and your home, by enhancing unusual windows that draperies or blinds would ordinarily obscure. In shaped windows, there is just no other window treatment that can equal the impact that shutters can provide.

Our shutters are carefully handcrafted to complement the stunning features, styles, shapes and colour schemes of your windows. We have alternatives for every room and budget with our extensive assortment of wooden shutters.

Our shaped shutters combine quality and elegance which highlight your home, providing adjustable light control, improved security perception and year-round temperature regulation.

Combining superb design with timeless style, our shutters also guarantee significant noise reduction compared to other blind designs.

Our shutters offer flexibility and convenience by allowing you to filter in light and air while maintaining privacy.

Our shutters require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. To maintain them dust-free, use a microfibre duster or a dry or damp cloth to keep them clean.

Our designers at Soul Shutters work with you to create the specification for your shutters. At your residence or commercial property, our expert craftspeople will manufacture your bespoke shutters using high-quality materials and techniques. Our technical surveyors will create the ideal solution and produce a drawing for your approval, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with every detail.

We also offer a wide range of alternative shutter solutions for windows in your home. Contacts us to find out more about our plantation shutters.