Offset Tilt Rod System

Limited placement? Look no further than the offset tilt rod

The offset tilt rod offers the same functionality and visual appeal as the traditional central tilt rod system, with added flexibility and versatility. While the central tilt rod features a visible vertical rod running down the centre of the shutter panel, the offset tilt rod can be strategically positioned on either the opening or hinge side of the panel.

By relocating the tilt rod to the side, homeowners can enjoy uninterrupted views through their shutters, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the window treatment. This configuration is particularly beneficial for those seeking a clean and minimalist look in their living spaces.

Moreover, the offset tilt rod option is ideal for special-shaped shutters where traditional central tilt rods may not be practical. In situations where placement options are limited, such as irregularly shaped windows, the ability to position the tilt rod to the side ensures maximum functionality and aesthetics.

Overall, the offset tilt rod provides a versatile and customizable solution for shutter design, allowing homeowners to achieve both style and functionality tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Whether enhancing views or accommodating unique window configurations, this option offers practicality and aesthetic appeal in equal measure.

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