Hidden Tilt Rod System

Clean, modern and classy look.

Hidden tilt rods, also known as silent tilt rods, offer a sleek and modern alternative for adjusting shutter louvers without the presence of a visible rod. By default, shutters typically come equipped with a slim, colour-matched rod running along the centre of each row of louvers. This traditional tilt rod allows homeowners to easily manipulate the louvers collectively, adjusting their angle without the need to move each one individually. However, for those seeking a more seamless aesthetic, hidden tilt rods serve as an upgrade option within our shutter range.

With hidden tilt rods, the shutter louvers can be opened and closed effortlessly without any visible rod. This feature is achieved through the integration of a concealed mechanism into the side (stile) of each louver section. This mechanism enables simultaneous adjustment of all the shutter louvers when one louver is moved to the desired position, eliminating the need for a central rod. Additionally, if a mid-rail is included in the shutter design, a hidden tilt mechanism will be installed in each section of louvers. This ensures that each section can be operated individually, providing the same level of control as shutters with visible tilt rods.

In summary, hidden tilt rods offer a sophisticated solution for adjusting shutter louvers discreetly, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the window treatment. By incorporating concealed mechanisms into the shutter design, homeowners can enjoy seamless functionality and a streamlined appearance without compromising on control or convenience.

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