Hidden Tilt Rod System

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What is Meant by Hidden Tilt Rod Mechanisms for Shutters?

Hidden tilt rods, or sometimes referred to as silent tilt rods, enable the shutter louvers to be adjusted without any visible rod. By default, shutters include a slim, colour-matched rod that runs up the centre of each row of louvers. This rod permits the homeowner to open and close the louvers by a predetermined amount without the need to move each louver individually. However, for some people, these tilt rods can be unattractive, which is why we provide hidden tilt rods as an upgrade option for our range of shutters.

The hidden tilt rod feature enables the shutter louvers to be opened and closed without any visible rod. To achieve this, we incorporate a concealed mechanism into the side (stile) of each louver section. This mechanism allows all the shutter louvers to be opened and closed at the same time when one of the louvers is adjusted to the desired position. If a mid-rail is included in the shutter, a hidden tilt mechanism will be installed in each section of louvers. This feature allows each section to be operated individually in the same way as shutters with visible tilt rods.

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