Café Style Shutters

Café Style shutters are simplistic, sophisticated and elegant.

Typically found in Victorian Homes and Town Houses.

Café Style Shutters are ideal for when there is no need for full blackout, but simply a little privacy.

Perfect for those hot, summer days, they can also be used with curtains and shades in the winter. Only the bottom half of your window, or up to the transom point, is covered by these classy panels. With our café style shutters, you can give your home or commercial property a trendy, contemporary look.

They are designed to cover only the lower half of your window and give enough natural light even when they are closed, as well as the ability to tilt open when closed to provide as much privacy and light as you desire.

We provide a variety of materials, colours and finishes to suit your needs and requirements. Our custom-made shutters are an excellent choice if you want the benefits of shutters without covering your entire window. They are most suited for ground floor windows as they offer plenty of privacy whilst allowing an abundance of natural light in.

Café style shutters offer numerous benefits for both homes and businesses. They have a stylish appearance; they offer excellent light and privacy, and they are easy to operate and maintain.

Our shutters prevent noise pollution, and they are cost effective; keeping you cool in the summer and maintaining warmth in the winter months.

Our shutters are a great addition to commercial and residential properties and look fantastic in living rooms, conservatories, bars, hotels and cafes. Our shutters are custom-made to suit your individual needs and requirements, and our experts here at Soul Shutters guarantee to take care of the hard work for you.