Tracked Shutters

Tracked Shutters create a striking style with seamless movement.

When it comes to doors and windows with a very broad opening, tracked systems are the best option, making them ideal for patio and bi-fold doors. The difference between our bi-fold and bypass track systems is the transition of the panels. Panels concertina to the left, right or both on a bi-fold track system which is ideal for comprehensive light and privacy control in big, open spaces. Panels in a bypass track system will be slid behind one another.

Bypass shutters are great for those who have a single door in a broad area, or who need constant coverage.

Track systems may also be closed when your patios doors are open, giving you a sense of openness and solitude.

As a result of its intricate, precise design and additional hinges, our tracked shutters provide a distinctive aesthetic with seamless movement. Wide windows, doors and long openings of two metres or more are the most common applications. These shutters glide along the tracking system with ease, allowing for smooth opening and folding. They can be fully opened for optimum light and space or completely closed for total privacy. Tracked shutters are also an excellent alternative for room dividers and wardrobe doors due to being bi-fold and compact.

At Soul Shutters, our designers prepare the specification for your tracked shutters in collaboration with your home. Our installers conduct a technical survey at your home, confirming all measurements and any unexpected angles. Our trained craftspeople will create your bespoke tracked shutters utilising high quality materials and techniques for a flawless finish.