Perfect Fit Blinds

A fantastic choice for UPVC windows and doors and easy to fit
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What are Perfect Fit blinds?

They are window coverings that come with an innovative frame that clips onto your window, making them easy to fit without the need for screws or drills, and without causing any mess. You can easily fit these blinds on most windows and doors, including patio doors and tilt and turn windows, thanks to their simple installation method. Perfect Fit blinds are a great option for rental properties and listed buildings, as they don't require drilling holes into walls. But also, a great fit for Conservatories & Kitchens.

Perfect Fit Blinds: Key Benefits

Improved Light Control: The innovative frame design of Perfect Fit blinds ensures that light does not leak around the edges, creating a halo effect. For even better light control, blackout linings are also available with many styles of these blinds.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: As Perfect Fit blinds fit snugly to the window, they provide an additional layer of insulation that keeps your space warm during the winter and cool during the summer. This makes them energy-efficient and eco-friendly. You can further enhance their thermal efficiency by opting for a thermal lining.

Child-Safe: Perfect Fit blinds are an ideal choice for children's bedrooms as they do not have cords or strings that can pose a safety hazard to little ones.

Suitable for Awkward Windows: These blinds can be easily installed on various window types, including flat windows, those without a recess, and those located in little nooks and crannies. They provide an excellent solution for tricky window situations where traditional blinds or curtains cannot be used.

Perfect Fits are available in a range of frame colour finishes to match your windows and doors.

We also offer Pollergen Coated Fabrics which are effective protection against pollen. Pollergen Coated Fabrics will take away up to 50% of grass pollen when the two come into contact. Therefore, a deployed blind can dramatically decrease the amount of active pollen that can enter a room. Pollergen is a fantastic and unique addition to your fabric which will benefit both domestic and commercial environments and is completely free for you (available also for venetians, pleated & cellular blinds).

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