Perfect Fit Blinds

A fantastic choice for UPVC windows and doors and easy to fit
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Perfect Fit Blinds stand out as a fantastic choice for UPVC windows and doors, offering not only a sleek and tailored appearance but also ease of installation. These blinds are easy to fit without the need for screws or drills, making them an ideal solution for various window types, including patio doors, tilt and turn windows, and conservatories. Their innovative frame clips onto the window, ensuring a secure fit without causing any mess.

What sets Perfect Fit Blinds apart is their versatility, making them suitable for rental properties, listed buildings, conservatories, and kitchens. Their non-intrusive installation method eliminates the need for drilling holes into walls, maintaining the integrity of your space.

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds are window coverings designed with an innovative frame that easily clips onto your window. This makes them hassle-free to fit without the need for screws or drills, ensuring a tidy and convenient installation process. Compatible with most windows and doors, including patio doors and tilt and turn windows, these blinds offer a practical and stylish solution.

Perfect Fit Blinds: Key Benefits

1. Improved Light Control:

• The innovative frame design prevents light leakage around the edges, creating a halo effect. For enhanced light control, many styles of Perfect Fit blinds are available with blackout linings.

2. Enhanced Thermal Efficiency:

• Fitting snugly to the window, Perfect Fit blinds provide an additional layer of insulation, keeping spaces warm in winter and cool in summer. This enhances energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, with the option to further improve thermal efficiency by choosing a thermal lining.

3. Child-Safe:

• Ideal for children's bedrooms, Perfect Fit blinds eliminate cords or strings that can pose safety hazards to little ones.

4. Suitable for Awkward Windows:

• Perfect Fit blinds can be easily installed on various window types, including flat windows, those without a recess, and those located in little nooks and crannies. They provide an excellent solution for challenging window situations where traditional blinds or curtains may not be suitable.

5. Frame Colour Finishes:

• Perfect Fit Blinds are available in a range of frame colour finishes, allowing you to match them seamlessly with your windows and doors.

Additionally, we offer Pollergen Coated Fabrics, providing effective protection against pollen. These coated fabrics reduce up to 50% of grass pollen when in contact, making them a valuable addition for allergy sufferers. Pollergen Coated Fabrics are available for various blind styles, including venetians, pleated, and cellular blinds, making them a unique and beneficial choice for both domestic and commercial environments—at no extra cost to you.

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