FSC Paulownia Hardwood

Beautiful lightweight, reliable, strong, and durable type of hardwood

Discover the enchanting allure of Paulownia Hardwood, affectionately known as "Kiri" or the "Princess Tree," an exquisite option for shutters that marries beauty with functionality. Hailing primarily from Northern Asia, this hardwood has garnered praise for its remarkable attributes.

Its lightweight nature is a standout feature, boasting strength and durability without the bulk. Despite its feather-light feel, Paulownia Hardwood stands strong, making it an exceptional choice for shutter construction. Its spaced growth rings lend it a unique character, enhancing its workability and stability.

What's more, its engineered core ensures unparalleled dimensional stability, warding off the risk of warping over time. This steadfastness guarantees that shutters fashioned from this wood will retain their shape and utility for years on end.

But the benefits don't end there. Paulownia Hardwood offers excellent insulation properties, regulating temperature and sound within a room. Its natural resistance to insects further cements its longevity and low-maintenance appeal, making it a prime pick for shutters in diverse settings.

Adding to its charm is its versatility in colour and staining options, allowing for seamless customization to match any interior decor scheme. And rest assured, Paulownia Hardwood is ethically sourced from certified sustainable forests, aligning with stringent environmental standards.

In essence, Paulownia Hardwood emerges as the ultimate choice for shutter materials, blending elegance, resilience, and eco-friendliness. Its myriad advantages make it the preferred option for all components of shutters, from frames to louvres, captivating homeowners with its unmatched appeal.

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