Pleated & Cellular Blinds

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Pleated blinds, designed to resemble traditional drapes, are a timeless window covering option.

While pleated blinds may not provide significant energy efficiency benefits, they are ideal for effectively blocking light These shades are characterized by evenly spaced horizontal folds that add an elegant touch. Furthermore, they are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors to complement any interior design scheme, and the hardware is available in white or brown.

Pleated Blinds/Cellular Blinds are supplied with Unipleat as standard. This is a system which prevents the pleats from gathering at the bottom of the blind. They can be made free hanging with a cord lock or tensioned using a bottom rail or locating feet. Shaped pleated blinds can also be made with or without an angle side bar.

The cellular blind is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement in terms of functionality and appearance. Featuring a honeycomb-shaped structure, this type of blind delivers exceptional insulation and light management capabilities. Additionally, it is available in an extensive range of colors and fabrics and can be paired with various lift systems for effortless operation.

What is the difference between Pleated & Cellular Blinds? Well, although all cellular blinds are pleated blinds, not all pleated blinds are cellular blinds. Both types of blinds are made from folded fabric that creates texture when raised or lowered. However, pleated blinds have a simpler fold pattern, while cellular blinds have a more complex construction that resembles honeycombs. They also come in single or double layers of honeycombs, creating pockets of air that provide insulation and energy savings. The double-cell blinds are more energy efficient than the single-cell blinds, and it's important to ensure a tight fit for maximum effectiveness in preventing energy transfer.

Choosing the Suitable Window Covering for Your Home

Making a quick decision about which window treatment to purchase can be difficult. It's important to take the time to consider your options, and we can assist you by comparing pleated blinds and cellular blinds.

Ideal Locations for Installing Pleated Blinds?

Pleated blinds for windows have a timeless aesthetic that imparts a simple yet elegant look. They offer a gentle, diffused light, regardless of where you place them. There are several neutral shades or striking colours that can make a statement in any home.

Consider these areas for installing pleated blinds:

  • Living spaces such as dining rooms and family rooms where you don't need complete darkness during the daytime.
  • Rooms facing north or south that don't get direct sunlight.
  • Bathrooms where you desire natural light and privacy simultaneously.
  • Bedrooms that don't receive direct sunlight.

Ideal Locations for Installing Cellular Blinds?

Cellular blinds offer more flexibility than standard pleated shades, thanks to their adaptive blackout liners, top-down/bottom-up constructions, and varying levels of light filtration. Here are some of our top picks for where to hang cellular window blinds:

  • Older homes with poorly fitted windows.
  • Drafty rooms or rooms with uneven heating/cooling.
  • Spaces that receive strong afternoon sun.
  • Bedrooms that require blackout conditions.
  • TV rooms that require complete darkness at all times.

Making Your Decision When it comes to selecting a gentle and uncomplicated window treatment, pleated and cellular shades are excellent choices. We provide affordable options for both types, which implies that your decision between them doesn't have to be influenced by your budget.

Instead, consider the following two questions:

  1. How crucial is energy efficiency to you?
  2. How much light filtration does your home require?

Cellular shades may be particularly beneficial for households in extreme climates and regions with high energy expenses. They can also benefit financially mindful homeowners and renters who desire to lower their utility bills.

Conversely, residences that don't receive an ample amount of direct sunlight should aim to maximize the entry of natural light. If your property has a limited outdoor space, is in close proximity to neighbouring buildings, or is surrounded by trees that obstruct sunlight, then pleated window blinds are an outstanding option.

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