Pleated & Cellular Blinds

Increasingly more popular in the conventional window
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Pleated and Cellular Blinds are gaining increasing popularity as a classic window treatment option that mimics the timeless appeal of traditional drapes.

Pleated blinds, with evenly spaced horizontal folds, add an elegant touch and are ideal for effectively blocking light. Available in a variety of fabrics and colours, these blinds complement any interior design scheme, with hardware options in white or brown. The innovative Unipleat system prevents pleats from gathering at the bottom, providing a neat appearance. On the other hand, Cellular Blinds, featuring a honeycomb-shaped structure, excel in both functionality and appearance. This design enhances insulation and light management capabilities, and the blinds come in a diverse range of colours and fabrics, offering various lift systems for effortless operation.

While both blinds share a folded fabric construction, the key difference lies in the complexity of the fold pattern. Pleated blinds have a simpler fold pattern, whereas Cellular Blinds have a honeycomb-like construction with single or double layers, creating pockets of air for enhanced insulation and energy savings. Choosing the right fit for your home involves considering factors such as energy efficiency and light filtration.

Ideal locations for Pleated Blinds include:

Living spaces, rooms facing north or south without direct sunlight, bathrooms, and bedrooms not exposed to direct sunlight. Cellular Blinds, with adaptive blackout liners and top-down/bottom-up constructions, are suitable for older homes, drafty rooms, spaces with strong afternoon sun, bedrooms requiring blackout conditions, and TV rooms demanding complete darkness.

When deciding between Pleated and Cellular Blinds, it's essential to consider your energy efficiency priorities and desired light filtration levels. For those in extreme climates or seeking cost savings, Cellular Blinds may be more beneficial. Pleated Blinds, on the other hand, are ideal for spaces with limited natural light. At Soul Shutters, we offer affordable options for both types, guiding you through the selection process and even handling the installation. Contact us today to find the perfect window treatment for your home!

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