How Plantation Window Shutters Insulate Homes in Winter

Conservatory with white wooden shutters

Keeping our homes warm throughout the winter months is one of our main priorities, and we want to be sure that our family will feel comfortable when the temperatures drop. With energy prices rising, we are all looking for ways that we can keep our homes warm and our plantation shutters cost low. But have you thought about how plantation shutters, which are excellent insulators, can help to keep in the heat in your home?  

Here at Soul Shutters, we have put together a short post outlining how plantation window shutters can insulate and keep your home warm this winter. We supply and install luxurious made to measure wooden shutters in Kent for windows of all shapes and sizes. We bring life to your windows with our beautifully designed shutters, that are completely bespoke and made to fit your windows perfectly.

To learn more about how plantation window shutters can insulate and keep your home warm this winter, visit our website for further information.

Bespoke Design to Fit Your Windows 

Plantation shutters are an excellent way to keep your home warm, and prevent heat from escaping through your windows because they are designed to fit your windows. Plantation shutter blinds are custom-made to fit the complete window coverage they are designed for, they will act as an extra layer between your window and your room. This will provide a physical barrier between the whole window shape and your room, meaning less heat will be lost through your window. This allows you to keep a warm and stable temperature in your home.

More Effective Than Curtains and Blinds  

Coverings like curtains and blinds can help to keep a certain amount of heat in, but they are nowhere near as effective as plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are made from a much thicker material than curtains, and don’t let the heat out of your home. So if you currently have curtains or blinds and are considering opting for plantation shutters to add extra insulation to your home, we highly recommend changing.

Reducing Your Heating Bills 

Plantation shutters keep the heat in your home and stop it from escaping through your windows, which in return will work to reduce your heating and energy bills. Plenty of heat escapes through our windows when we are not insulating them properly, which means that we will need to have the heating on more and end up spending more money on energy. Rather than turning the heating on, you can have plantation shutters installed and save money on your heating bills.

Shutters to Suit Each and Every Home 

Here at Soul Shutters, we have a range of bespoke made to measure plantation shutters that will suit each and every home. We have a range of faux wood shutter blinds styles to choose from, including Black Out, Cafe Style, Full Height, Shaped, Solid Panel and more. Our faux wood shutters are also available in different materials, including March wood, Vienna, ClevelandHardwood and Kingston Hardwood.

You can also add a number of features to your shutter blinds system to make it easier to use, and to customise them to fit your home. You can add a central, offset or clear view tilt rod system amongst other options. You can also choose between different colours, magnets, hinges and louvres to finish off your custom made real wood shutters.

High-Quality, Luxurious PlantationShutters at Soul Shutters 

If you’d like to ensure that your family are cosy and warm this winter, and that your heating bills are kept low then why not contactSoul Shutters today? We have a number of luxurious plantation shutters to choose from, with styles and designs to suit each and the interiors of every home. All of our high quality shutters are completely bespoke and custom-made, providing your home with the additional insulation that it needs.

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