Understanding the Different Tilt Rod Options

Tilt rod blinds

When you’re considering buying new shutters, you might have come across the term ‘tilt rod’. If you don’t know what this term means, don't worry - we’re going to explore its meaning and look at the different options available in this post.

Essentially, a tilt rod is a rod that is made from the same chosen material as the shutter, and is attached onto the front of the louvres to manoeuvre them to different angles as required. The ability to change louvre angles is one of the most appealing aspects of shutters.

Keep reading below to learn more about the various tilt rod options you can choose, and if you’d like to buy shutters in Dartford for your home, please visit the Soul Shutters website today.

Hidden Tilt Rods

If you’re aiming to achieve a clean, contemporary and classy look, then the Hidden Tilt Rod System is a perfect choice. This system features a mechanism built into the side of the stile, so that nothing is visible from the front or back of the louvre. As a result, the style boasts a modern look with no visual distractions; this system will enhance any room that it’s placed in.

Clear View Tilt Rods

The Clear View Tilt Rods system is another modern, trendy option of tilt rod system. It is really durable, so it’ll stand the test of time in your home. Clear View Tilt Rods include a slim metal control rod concealed behind the panel next to the louvres. When any of the louvres are opened, closed, or tilted, the remaining ones follow suit. If you’re going for a modern aesthetic that’s also reliable and long-lasting, then this is the system for you.

Central Tilt Rods

The Central Tilt Rods system includes a central tilt rod running vertically down the centre of each shutter panel. This connects each louvre to the rod with stainless steel staples. By moving the tilt rod, all louvres are adjusted simultaneously, resulting in an extremely classic and traditional look.

Offset Tilt Rods

Lastly, the Offset Tilt Rods system is an excellent choice of system for your home. If you desire uninterrupted views through your shutters, looking out to your garden or street, then the offset tilt rod can be placed on either side of each shutter panel. This is also a great choice for special-shaped shutters where there is limited placement and needs to be put to the side.

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